Hello, and welcome to my very first blog. Life With Lyme is about my health journey and more specifically my struggles with Lyme disease. I hope anyone who suffers from long-term health issues can find some comfort in this blog.

For years I was afraid to speak out about my health because I mistakenly thought it was my fault. I often felt very isolated and ashamed. Once I finally shared my story and connected with others I was amazed by how much strength it gave me. Just by realizing I was not alone was a huge help. I hope Life Outside The Doctor’s Office can help anyone out there who feels like they are struggling in solitude.

Through Life Outside The Doctor’s Office I will share my health experiences and all the emotions that come with them. I’ve tried LOTS of different treatments (antibiotics, acupuncture, herbs, NLS biofeedback, just to name a few), which I will share my thoughts on. But more importantly I will write about my life outside the doctor’s office; what it feels like to hear your friends talk about graduating when you don’t know when you can go back to college, the looks on strangers’ faces when they see a perfectly normal looking 22-year-old in a wheelchair and the quietness that sets in when everyone else is out living their lives and you are sitting at home.

Perhaps you will hear yourself in my words or maybe you will be inspired to speak your truth. Everyone deals with hardships in life and these adversities should connect us, not isolate us.

you're not alone

 Image via Tumblr


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